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Why Use a Certified Travel Advisor to Plan Your Vacation?

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Do you plan your own travel? Do you do your own taxes and write your own legal contracts? Do you consult Dr. Google instead of a licensed doctor? Here are some top reasons to consider working with a certified travel advisor to plan your next vacation.


Experienced travel advisors know the travel industry and can match clients with the best itinerary and vendors to match their travel goals by asking qualifying questions. These travel experiences you won’t find by searching the internet or reading reviews written by strangers. Travel advisors can often speak from firsthand knowledge of the destination. A travel advisor certified by ASTA, CLIA, or the Travel Institute is a highly qualified professional who can help clients simplify the process of travel planning. Need to know if vaccines or visas are needed for a destination? A certified travel advisor will know.

Resources & Relationships

Certified travel advisors can access a variety of tools, contacts, and amenities not available to consumers. Oftentimes, they can get their clients a better airplane seat, added amenities at hotels, room upgrades, event tickets, and access to special activities. Want access to a private jet, yacht, or a privately guided tour of a remote location? An experienced and well-connected travel advisor can grant you access to exclusive experiences.


If something goes wrong before or during a trip, a certified travel advisor will work hard to resolve the situation. Oftentimes, you will have access to in-country support provided by the partners of your travel advisor so problems can be solved in real-time.


Your time is valuable, so let a certified travel advisor do the research and plan the perfect itinerary. A certified advisor can help clients define their travel goals and present options that fit their budgets and exceed their expectations. Every detail, down to spa appointments and restaurant reservations can be planned in advance if desired.

Save Money, Add Value

A certified travel advisor can often save their clients money by leveraging their exclusive relationships, consortium benefits, and knowledge of suppliers. In-depth knowledge of loyalty programs and perks can add value to this reservation and accrue benefits for future trips.

When to Go Where

Certified travel advisors have inside information on the best times to visit different destinations depending on the season, special events or climate. They may even know what the next "it" destinations are going to be before they become overcrowded. Travel smart by using a certified travel advisor.

You can’t VIP yourself

In case you still wonder why to use a travel advisor, perhaps the relevant question is why not?

Schedule a complimentary travel consultation with a certified travel advisor here.

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