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Which Polar Cruise Best Fits Your Travel Style?

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

When you think of cruises, you probably picture tropical blue water, palm trees on the horizon, and fruity cocktails on the sun deck. However, there's another type of cruising that's ready to welcome the most adventurous travelers onboard: polar cruising. Taking you to some of the most isolated and beautiful places in the world, polar cruising is a break from the traditional cruising style of island hopping in the Caribbean. Leave the flip flops at home and pack a jacket because these cold-weather cruises are your ticket to the experience of a lifetime.


If you're one of the travelers who's ready to cross a visit every content off your list, then pack your bags and welcome aboard your cruise to Antarctica. Smaller ships led by a team of scientists and experts safely navigate travels to Antarctica's frozen tundra. Take an excursion off the ship and head to hard-to-reach places using kayaks and Zodiacs to see the wildlife and icebergs up close. If you have seen and done it all, then a cruise to Antarctica should be the next stop on your bucket list!


Directly north of Antarctica lies another polar cruise paradise, the Arctic. Thanks to its proximity to North America, the Arctic is much easier to travel and includes several different experiences. Travel around Norway, Iceland, and Greenland as you witness the Northern Lights, stop in charming towns, and discover what life is like for the residents of the Arctic Circle. Leaving from several different ports around Europe and Canada, an Arctic cruise is great for the first time or experienced cruiser.


As part of the Arctic Circle, Alaska is another popular polar cruising location. Typically a first timer's favorite, Alaska offers cold-weather cruisers with a variety of activities. From whale watching to majestic glaciers and colorful fishing villages, an Alaskan cruise is excellent for people who are still warming up to the idea of polar cruising. You can select cruises that leave from Alaska, Seattle, Vancouver, and even Los Angeles, depending on how much time you have.

Few trips come with the bragging rights that polar cruises come with, and choosing the non-obvious cruise, and trading beach bars for glaciers is just the beginning! Whether you're ready to explore or just along for the ride, picking the right polar cruise is all about deciding what kind of experience you want to have.

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