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What Can’t I Bring in my Carry-on?

We all know that you can’t bring a big toothpaste tube or pair of scissors in your carry-on, but there are unexpected things that are either not allowed or will slow you down when going through airport security.

It is upsetting, expensive, and inconvenient to hand over items in your carry-on to the TSA agent. To prevent that, check this website before you zip up your carry-on.

You can also get specific questions answered by TSA through Facebook Messenger or Twitter.

Here are a few more travel tips to help you speed through airport security with all your items in your carry-on:

  • Although you are not allowed to bring a bottle of water through security, if it is frozen, it is allowed

  • If you purchase alcohol tax-free and also purchase a snack, make sure that they are in separate bags. Alcohol must be in a sealed bag.

  • Pack empty small travel-sized plastic bottles. If you purchase a bottle of perfume or other liquid too large for carry-on, split it into the smaller bottles.

Remember, the TSA officers do not make the rules, but they must enforce them. Know the rules before you go for less stressful travel.

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