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TSA Rules for Traveling with Gifts – What to Know Before You Go!

TSA’s gift to travelers this year is a guide to how to prepare for travel during the busy holiday season.

For many people, holiday travel plans will require a flight to other states — or even other countries — to visit family and friends. But airline travel can be stressful, and with the uptick in travelers and ongoing issues with the airlines, it could be even more so this year. After all, it's not uncommon for bags to get misplaced, flights to get delayed or connecting flights to be missed during the holiday travel rush.

When packing presents for travel, TSA encourages using gift bags that can be easily opened or gift boxes with lids that can be removed, so contents can be inspected if required. Fully wrapped gifts may need to be opened if deemed necessary by a TSA officer. Another option is to place your unwrapped gifts in your checked bag. This includes snow globes, which are popular at this time of the year.


Luckily, homemade Christmas cookies or other solid foods can be carried through TSA check points. To see if an item is prohibited, check the TSA website under “What Can I Bring?” or just text @AskTSA

To read the more tips from TSA, click here.


The official end-of-the-year holiday travel period starts Thursday, Dec. 21, and will continue through Tuesday, Jan. 2. The busiest days are projected to be Thursday, Dec. 21, Friday, Dec. 29, and Monday, Jan. 1. So, pack your patience!

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