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European Classics Perfect for Every Celebration

As a continent, Europe only covers 2% of the Earth’s surface, but inside that 2% are countless cities that capture the hearts and minds of travelers. The diverse landscapes and myriad cultures draw you in, but the cuisine, fine wine, and ancient history will keep you dreaming of your return for years to come. European Classics are the type of bucket list destinations that leave more to the imagination with every visit and beg for you to return. They rejuvenate the spirit, provide fresh perspectives, and indulge every sense. Visiting a European Classic may change you for the better, but beware, one visit is all it takes to start dreaming of a new life abroad.

Eat Your Way Through Europe

Close your eyes and place your finger on a map of Europe. It can almost be guaranteed that wherever it lands, there’s a local dish that will leave you begging for seconds. In Europe, cooking is less of a chore and more of an experience, and the continent has endless cuisines and gastronomic scenes to back that up. Albania’s melt-in-your-mouth burek pastries, London’s iconic fish & chips, German pretzels, Spain’s paella, and of course, Italy’s pizza – the list goes on. Don't forget to sample the sweets! Europeans eat 50% of all the world's chocolate.

World-class art, mouth-watering cuisine, cobblestone streets, and architecture unlike anywhere else – Rome is truly a sight to behold. Stand where the gladiators once stood, touch the ancient columns of the Colosseum, and toss a coin into Trevi Fountain – you’ll never wish to leave.

Classic Vineyards and Unique Bottles

From Northwestern Italy’s full-bodied reds to the sweet white wine of the Hungarian foothills, Europe has no shortage of world-class vineyards to visit. Its true charm, however, can be found in the lesser-known regions, where unique fine wines and memorable stays are plentiful. The Swiss, for example, love their wine so much they prefer to keep it for themselves. Gorgeous vineyards set against the backdrop of The Alps produce wines that rarely leave the country. Switzerland produces about 100 million liters of wine annually but only exports about 1%. Similarly, the tiny nation of Georgia has been producing wine longer than anywhere else in the world. It is here that visitors can marvel at the Alaverdi Monastery, where its original 1020-year-old cellar remains.

Soak & Spa in Budapest

Known for its spa culture, Budapest is the perfect city to relax and unwind. Its incredible thermal baths were first used by Roman settlers and have remained integral to the culture to this day. You’ll find at least 12 luxe baths dotted throughout this fabulous city.

A Night at the Opera

Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, and Mahler all honed their talent in Vienna – a city where music comes to life. Soak in this destination’s artistic legacy with a night at one of its renowned opera performances.

Find Fun in Finland

Memories that last longer than a visit are made in Finland. Take in the northern lights, the silence of unspoiled nature, and the waters of Finnish lakes, seacoast, and islands. Dive into trendy city life in Helsinki’s neighborhoods and escape into the vast wilderness of Lapland. Then, unwind in the saunas and indulge in restaurants that serve the finest local cuisine. There’s a reason Finland is the happiest country in the world.

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