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9 Reasons to Use an Africa Travel Specialist to Book Your Safari

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Is a safari in Africa on your bucket list? In today's world, you can order anything you want with a few clicks on your keyboard. But if your travel goal is to experience authentic Africa, you should forego the internet and book your safari with someone who knows the continent. Here are nine reasons why using a travel advisor who specializes in African travel will give you a better trip experience.

  1. Save Time. There are 54 countries in Africa and countless safari camps and lodges in each. You might think you can handle evaluating these camps and lodges, booking flights, setting up transfers to and from airports, and negotiating payments, mbut it's very time-consuming. Leave the work to an experienced Travel Advisor who is familiar with the options and can streamline the process.

  2. Eliminate Confusion. If you don't know Africa, you are sure to be confused by all the logistics involved in planning a safari. Which countries have the best wildlife viewing? When is the best time of year to go? What immunizations and visas are required? It is so much easier to let an expert sort it all out.

  3. Save Money. Many people think that booking through a travel advisor costs more than booking directly with suppliers. That is a myth. Travel advisors receive a commission from camps and lodges to book travelers and oftentimes can offer travelers preferred rates or other amenities not available to them directly.

  4. Leverage Expert Advice. Advisors have expertise that comes from frequently booking safaris for multiple clients. They have first-hand knowledge of properties, seasonality, tour operators, and regulations. Leverage their knowledge for your benefit!

  5. Avoid mistakes. If you are unfamiliar with the continent, you could make some mistakes when booking on your own that could lead to a disappointing or interrupted trip. Did you know that when entering certain African countries, minors must carry a birth certificate in addition to a passport? Please don’t make the mistake of not using an Africa Travel Specialist.

  6. Let Their Relationships Work for You. Travel Advisors have connections with other experts in each country who could help make your trip go a lot smoother - someone who can meet your plane, ensure that you make your next transfer, or hold on to some extra luggage if need be. These local experts and guides will offer advice and ensure everything goes as planned.

  7. Mind the Details. When you are booking a trip on your own, it's easy to forget essential details. A successful safari is often all in the details – dates, distances, flight schedules, baggage limitations, dietary needs, tipping customs, appropriate attire, necessary gear and adapters, wifi availability, travel documentation…the list is long. Your Africa Travel Specialist not only advises you on the best itinerary but won't let important details get overlooked.

  8. Optimize Insurance. These days, all travel investments should be insured. Selecting the best supplier and specific policy with appropriate coverages takes expertise. Your travel advisor should also be a travel insurance specialist.

  9. Support if You Need It. If something goes wrong, and it may, who will you call if you booked online? Your laptop? You can contact your Travel Advisor if anything goes wrong. Your travel advisor is your travel advocate.

Working with a credentialed travel advisor minimizes the hassles of planning and maximizes the fun of travel. When you are ready to plan your African adventure, set up a complimentary travel consultation with me.

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